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Tracey Stallworth

Tracey Stallworth

Pastor at Kingdom Glory Worship Assembly

Tracey Stallworth is a man that loves the presence of God. He is a professor, entrepreneur, strategist, survivalist and duplicator enhanced with a robust anointing to bring healing to marriages and liberate the broken-hearted especially those who are rejected, incarcerated or left for dead. He not only instructs people, he challenges them to become disciplined and to excel in all things. As a father, uncle and brother and mentor, he reminds them every day by saying words can shape your future. What words are you using to change your present and shape your future? “I believe in you”.

Tracey is a native of Alamogordo, New Mexico. He is the husband of Alison Stallworth and the proud father of one daughter and two sons, Paris, Jordan and Yusef. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Flagler College and was awarded his Master’s Degree in Religion from Liberty University. In 2016, he received his Doctorate of Ministry in 2016 from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Alison Stallworth

Alison Stallworth

Co-Pastor at Kingdom Glory Worship Assembly

Alison Stallworth is a native of Quincy, Florida. This meek woman of God is a well-respected intercessor, prophet, teacher, author, encourager, mentor and well-known conference speaker. She expressively brings light to women’s everyday struggles and gives heartfelt, life-improving advice through the wisdom of Jesus Christ!

Professionally, she has served as a beautician in the field of cosmetology for over 20 years. Throughout the years, she has coined the phrase for her salon, “A Salon to Gospel About”! Within the salon, Alison has created an environment of God’s presence through prayer and worship.

Through her personal ministry, she powerfully brings strategy to marriages everyday struggles and gives heartfelt, life-improving advice through the wisdom of Jesus Christ! Together with her husband, Tracey Stallworth, she pastors active members at Kingdom Glory Worship Assembly. She relishes spending family time with her husband and their children.



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